Oct 06 2020

Delicious Delhi Escorts Service 2020

I am an exotic precious girl I grew up with a lot of care and love from my parents my eyes are brown and my hair is pitch black I use luxurious makeup 


I put a lot of kohl in my eyes and my lips are incredibly voluptuous and the pout is rather sexy and sultry my face always looks fresh 


I should say that my family is quite rich and so reputed that everyone knows them I am a pretty lovely lady I work like many other Independent Delhi Escorts 


I will be available for you to romance and enjoy the night and days you spend in this town 


I can make your day and night feel like a luxury without even you having a luxurious room for you to enjoy the comfort will be unmatched in my company in college 


I studied very hard in college and I was so popular that everyone knew my name there 


I participated in the fashion shows which my college call girls service held you are welcome to be in my world and notice me I have long legs and my boobs are the best part of me 


I look awesome in the colour orange I respect the men I meet I provide these services independently without consulting any agency 


I will be the softest woman you can have your time with I wear many dresses in the colour orange and if you are going to buy a gift get something in orange only 


I love the flower which is smelling fresh and exotic I try things so that I can find the things I want I like to tell that I studied biomechanics and I keep a look on fashion shows and beauty pageant contests.


I am thrilled to tell you that I have seen men and I heard them talk to me for hours at night one such boy took me for a date to a mall and there he gave me flowers and we bowled 


I was able to knock all the pins and he was so surprised by my skills he hugged me and then while he was eating I kept kissing him on both his cheeks he ordered a cheese pizza for me 


I ate a lot as I work out a lot so I stay slim always I hit the gym whenever 


I have time I asked him to stay there with me in the mall so we sat on the stairs and he was having an amazing time he called his friends and told them that he is having the day of his life he was excited to see me in the clothes he had gifted me 


I saw that he is the boy who loves my attention as he constantly kept telling me that he is thrilled and surprised to find a High Profile Housewife Escorts Service in Delhi who loves him and adores him he said that he has forgotten every woman he has met and then 


I wanted to be in bed with him so I asked him to take me to a hotel room he said that his place is empty right now and we can go there 


I disagreed as I only find myself in luxurious hotels and I knew one nearby so he took me there and as soon as we went there 


I showed him my ass and my boobs I felt great there in the shower as we took it together and this boy was so impressed I sucked his cock and he thought that he has never had anything better in life.